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Friday November 12th, 2010

Officers in a small rural town outside Montreal are in a heap of trouble after using seized property to throw their own dance party. They used over ten thousand dollars worth of sound and lighting equipment that they had seized from a party promoter after he got caught dealing drugs at one of his events. The promoter was awaiting trial, and depending on the outcome on his day in court, his equipment might have been returned to him.

That's no longer a possibility, since the police completely wrecked his gear during their ill-conceived festival of excess. The officers, in a flight of madness, decided it would be a good idea to borrow the equipment from the locked room where they stored seized property, and use it for their own shenanigans. A half dozen officers, and several dozen of their closest friends, trekked out to a farm one of them owned and set the equipment up in a half-assed manner. They connected everything up to a portable generator, had one of their buddies pretend to be a DJ, then got toasted on drugs & booze.

It was basically a mad free for all, complete with out door sex, cocaine, and really bad music -- we're talking CDs of 90s albums by mainstream Quebec pop stars like Rock Voisine, Celine Dion, and the likes. Some of the party goers filmed the debauched and thoroughly cheezy proceedings, and the video somehow reached the office of the town's mayor. Now the police force is under investigation by the Surete, and it seems likely that everyone involved will get the boot, unless their union manages to save their ass.

The worst thing though? The cops didn't bother to pack up the equipment after it started to rain, and a bunch of it got fried. The next morning, when the cops realized some of the equipment was wrecked, one of the officers decided to finish the job by lighting it all on fire.

The party promoter will have to wait for his own trial to be over with before he can pursue the police department for destroying his property.
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