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Thursday November 11th, 2010

A close relative of one of Montreal's leading promoters was assaulted on Tuesday at Berri park. The 16 year old "victim" had decided to dabble in the world of drug dealing, and set up shop at the park, completely oblivious to the fact that other dealers might have a problem with him being there. The idea of drug dealers having territories that they defended through acts of violence never even entered into his head. He was under the impression that Berri was some kind of free market, a notion that the area's drug dealing incumbents quickly erased from their young competitor's mind. Not with erasers, but with hands, and feet, and other body parts.

Four dealers surrounded the abortive drug dispenser, pushed him to the ground, and began to drown him in a sea of kicks and fists. When they got tired of that, they took his wallet and his drugs, doused him in a stream of insults and indignities, and then, the coup de grace -- all four of his assailents unzipped their pants and began to urinate on the boy. When they were done, they walked away, and told the kid if he ever came back to Berri, they'd kill him.

Bloodied, bruised, and soaked with pee, the young wannabe dealer returned home, and vowed never to deal drugs in public again. His party promoting relative laughed in the boys face when he told him what happened. The promoter then informed his entrepreunerial relative that he had paid a relatively small price for his inexperience, and was lucky he got off as easily as he did -- they hadn't hospitalized him, after all.
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