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Saturday November 6th, 2010

A raver that was looking for love on the internet instead found heartbreak last week. The raver had scored a date with a dashing gothic lolita he had met on a popular dating site, but the night before he was to meet her, he stumbled across a collection of pornographic pictures of her on, a usenet group. These pictures all had links on them advertising his date's porn site. His discovery proved problematic -- either he had to omit the fact that he had found out about her porn career, or he would have to tell her about what he had found and hope for the best.

Since this raver is both honest and stupid, he chose to tell her about his serendipitous discovery, and broached the subject with her over dinner. This, as you might expect, proved to be disastrous. His date started to cry. After telling him how mortified she was that he had seen those pictures of her, she explained that she had been taken advantage of, and that she dreads the day her parents find out about the site.

The story behind her foray into pornography will hopefully serve as a warning to many of you. Our lovely goth queen had just suffered a break-up, so her best friend brought her to one of the largest bars in Montreal in an effort to cheer her up. The two were dancing and drinking and having a grand ol'time when they caught the eyes of a charming yet manipulative slimeball photographer. The man in question supplied the two ladies with alcohol all night, got them good and wasted, and then convinced the two girls to take part in an impromptu modeling session over at his place, where he had the drunken ladies sign release forms. The result of their boozy sexcapade? They get the shame, he gets the money. Their photo set has been for sale online for the last two years, and apparently people are still buying.

Don't do porn while drunk. Save yourself the self-loathing. Otherwise you might end up having really awkward dates that blow up in your face.

The raver and the goth girl will never see each other again. The photographer though? He'll keep doing what he does so long as it makes him money.

For those of you who meet the man, hopefully you'll have enough presence of mind to walk away from him.
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