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Thursday December 23rd, 2010

The PLUR Boys are the newest gang in Montreal. This crew of vicious raver thugs were born in a baptism of fire. All the members were victims of a dehumanizing orgy of violence and rape that took place at an old school happy hardcore party. These one time wide eyed, glow stick wielding, fun fur wearing candy ravers caught the eyes of the Reds, a street gang that's been terrorizing Montreal North for the last five years.

The Reds saw easy marks, and began picking on the candy ravers. The taunts turned to pushes, and the pushes turned to punches, and the punches were accompanied by rape and rapine. The gangstas ended up sending six people to the hospital, and permanently ended one DJs career by breaking both of his hands.

One of the men who was hospitalized, Charles, was furious at not being able to stop the Reds from ravaging his girlfriend. He started talking to the other victims, telling them they needed to organize. Ravers needed a gang who would protect the interests of the scene, because if they didn't stand up for themselves, no one would.

The ravers started meeting regularly, working out, learning how to use guns. Eventually, they started calling themselves The PLUR Boys. They'd bring Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect to Montreal -- by force, if necessary. They even came up with a slogan: "PLUR OR DIE".

Last month, the PLUR Boys felt that they were ready for action. They did a little sleuthing, found out where the head of the Reds lived, headed over to his place, and then they beat him to within an inch of his life. They mangled him, they brutalized him, and just for good measure, they sodomized him with a glow stick. They told him that he better get out of the gangster business, because next time, they'd kill him.

The PLUR Boys put the hardcore in happy hardcore.
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