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Wednesday December 22nd, 2010

This fifteen year old scamp ran away from home years ago and now spends most of his time hanging out with a crew of cocaine loving rave fiends. His background is tragic and has left him with an eat or be eaten mentality. At some point during the last two years, he had a brutal encounter with a couple of power tripping officers. Apparently, the boy was sleeping in an alleyway and the officers decided to pick on him for loitering, when he didn't treat them with the kind of reverence they felt they deserved, they began to beat on the boy. Ever since that attack, he's been hell bent on getting his revenge.

He fell in with the coke head, who introduced him to the world of prostitution. He started turning tricks for money, and what he doesn't spend on drugs and the necessities of life, he spends on fireworks that one of his johns, a frequent traveler, picks up for him in the states. The boy now has a large stock pile of fiery pyrotechnics, which he has been using to annoy his enemies in blue for the last three months.

Our wily teenager fancies himself a regular freedom fighter, though in practice he's more Home Alone than Che Guevera. He has yet to hurt anyone with his crazy antics, and from what sources say, he doesn't plan on changing that anytime soon. His goal is to harass the police, not hurt them.

He taught himself how to build time detonators by watching some videos on youtube. This knowledge has allowed him to build and deploy over half a dozen fake bombs -- basically just fireworks rigged to light up at a time of his choosing. The teenager usually hides his fiery babies in remote, hard to reach places. He plasters the walls with anti-police propaganda, then calls in a bomb threat. Locations have included the top of a water tower, the roof of an abandoned building, and a sewer in Point St-Charles.

The police have no choice but to show up and remove his devices. He's effectively gumming up their work, forcing them to spend their time on his pranks. The boy wants the police to feel as powerless as they made him feel, and controlling what they spend their time working on seems to be an effective means of doing that. He doesn't seem all that concerned about getting caught, but given his age, he'll probably get off lightly even if the police do catch him.
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