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Tuesday December 21st, 2010

His toes were bloodied, his shoes ruined, his wallet missing, his smartphone broken, and his front tooth chipped. He couldn't remember the walk back home or how it resulted in so much destruction, but he was able to piece parts of the night's events back together. He shuddered at his own stupidity.

He had been shanghaied into tending the water bar of one of his friend's raves. He was a terrible worker, and wasn't all that enthused by the prospect of serving drinks to ungrateful ravers who don't even know how to say thank you, let alone how to tip. His friend needed the help, though, and had sweetened the deal by offering him free alcohol in return for his manpower, an offer he couldn't refuse.

He certainly knew how to abuse it, though. He had downed a six pack before the party even started, and was half way through a bottle of vodka by the time midnight came around. Once the clock hit 2am, he was completely and thoroughly knackered. He had stopped serving drinks at the bar entirely, and was instead pissing off of balconies, yelling at ravers, and drinking even more alcohol. His promoter friend, meanwhile, was to busy managing the party to get annoyed at his crazy antics.

At some point, he decided the music was too damn loud and that he was going to walk home. In the snow. His apartment was on St-Denis, and he was stuck somewhere in Lachine. He didn't care. He didn't have the mind for it. He just started walking.

And then things go black.

He wakes up, bloodied and in distress. Considering the state of his feet, he doesn't think that he got a lift at any point in his journey. He's very thankful he didn't get frostbite. His shoes, a pair of runners, were completely destroyed by his journey through the snow. They look like they'd been runover, repeatedly, by a tractor. He probably fell on his face, which would account for the chipped tooth and maybe even the broken phone and missing wallet.

The one thing he knows is that he never wants to be that drunk again. He no longer trusts himself around alcohol, and worries that the next time he's off his knocker wasted, he might go on a death defying journey that results in more than just a chipped tooth and some bloody toes.

His journey through the snow has taught him the value of caution, a lesson he doesn't plan to forget.
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