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Monday December 20th, 2010

Montreal's rave community is home to North America's largest and most active circle jerk group. The Brothers in Hand, as the circle is called, was founded fifteen years ago by two rave promoters who were going through a very experimental phase in their sex lives. Legend has it that the two men started the club after a ribald game of Drink or Dare ended with all the players masturbating together in public. While most of the players decided to never speak of the incident again, the two promoters discovered that they were turned on by the experience.

They turned to the internet to find like minded men, and started hosting weekly circle jerks at their apartment. The first years were quiet ones -- the diddle fiddling sessions were small, and usually involved only a half dozen or so men. Eventually though, their online cat calls for exhibitionist wankers caught the ears of a powerful and well connected backer, the owner of a Montreal bath house. This man opened up his establishment to The Brothers, and soon membership exploded.

The rush of fresh blood inspired the promoters to up the wow factor of their circle jerks. They started decorating the bath house, hiring wank friendly DJs to spin at their beef slapping nights, and supplying their chicken choking members with plenty of brain candy to nibble on. Their efforts were a success, and their circle jerks grew like cancer. Within a few short years of teaming up with their bath house patron, they were at the head of one of the largest group masturbation organizations in the world.

Until last Spring. That's when the two promoters had a falling out. No one knows what caused the two men, who've been jerking off together for a damn long time, to zip up their shorts and call it quits. We do know that the bath house owner tried to keep the peace between the old school rave makers, but his attempts at mediation were a stunning failure.

The Brothers in Hand still exists, but its numbers are much diminished now that one of the promoters has said goodbye to the bath house. He's set up shop in a cafe that, at night, transforms into a free for all bordello of pleasure. He calls his new group The Stroke Folks, and his aim is to revitalize the Montreal circle jerk scene. He views The Brothers in Hand as being moribund and in a state of decay, and thinks his new project will help inject energy into the circle jerk scene, bringing it back to the heights of glory it experienced in the early naughties.
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