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Monday December 13th, 2010

He was speeding down the 401 at a hundred and eighty an hour. There was a joint between his lips and a bag full of MDMA under his seat. His passenger, a Montreal promoter, was sound asleep, and blissfully unaware that the driver was staring death in the face while hurtling down the Trans-Canada. Something had snapped in this speed freak's mind. He had stopped caring about life. He just wanted to go as fast as he could.

It didn't take long before the cops were on his tail, sirens blaring. He didn't care. He just kept driving. This didn't go on for very long, but for a brief moment of time, the mad lead the police on a merry little chase.

Whatever had gone wrong in his head snapped back into place, and he realized the world of trouble he was now in. He pulled over. The promoter woke up just as the car came to a complete stop. He had no idea what the hell was going on, but he knew that there were a couple of cops walking towards the car. He turned to the speed freak driver and started yelling at him just as the cops knocked on the passenger window. The promoter rolled them down and piles of smoke started to escape from the car.

The police officer looked at him, eyes aghast, "it smells like a grow room in here." She then pointed to a sign not too far off from where the car had stopped. "You see that sign over there? At 160 kilometers per you get full demerits and you lose your license. You have any idea how fast you were going?" The driver shook his head and sighed. "A damn good deal more than that. Your lucky you didn't kill anyone"

The cops cuffed both ravers and threw them in the back of their cruiser. They sat there for over an hour as the officers waited for the K-9 unit to show up. The dog ripped through the car, and it wasn't long before it found that bag of MDMA under the driver's seat.

Both men denied that the drugs were theirs. "We let someone sleep in the car last night. They must have put it there last night and forgot it."

The two men were brought to the local jail, where the officers had them take off their pants. "You might try to hang yourselves with it." They spent a cold pantless night in that cell before being released on bail. They had to sign a statement promising that they would no longer hang out with each other but when they asked how they were to get home, the police officers turned a blind eye as the two left the station together.

Months later, on the day of their trial, their case was thrown out due to a technicality. The speed freak's car was so dirty that officers wrote in their report that it was a gray vehicle, when in reality, it was yellow. This simple mistake ruined the entire case against the duo. Cleared of the charges, the speed freak went back to terrorizing the highway with his yellow beast. The promoter, though, vowed never to ride with him again.
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