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Thursday December 9th, 2010

A Montreal promoter is currently under investigation by the police after allegations that he ran one of the cities largest prostitution rings reached their ears. The promoter, who is a stalwart of the city's avant garde electro scene, reputedly started his illicit trade in human flesh back in the fall of 2003. He was good friends with one of the men who dominated Montreal's meth trade at the time, and the two of them hatched a plan that involved sexually exploiting women that became addicted to the drugs they peddled.

Their modus operandi was to provide young teenage girls with free meth, heroin, and crack. Then, once their addiction firmly established and their morals were fully abandoned, the two men would coax the women into turning tricks to pay for their recently acquired drug habit. What started out as a small operation of maybe a handful of girls eventually blossomed into a full fledged enterprise with nearly forty girls spreading their legs at the behest of their raver pimps.

Eventually, the promoter got greedy and pushed out the meth dealer who had helped him establish this prostitution ring. He got some hire muscle to chase the dealer off the island of Montreal. The dealer settled down in Ottawa, where he's since gone straight. He's currently working at a gas station not too far from Parliament.

With his former business partner out of the way, the promoter began a period of rapid expansion, and started cutting corners in order to maximize his profit. He seemed to be completely oblivious to the fact that his actions, which were increasingly brazen, would eventually invite the scrutiny of the police. Maybe he had a reason for being so laisser faire about his prostitution ring, since it did take nearly seven years for the police to even realize that it existed. His time has finally come though, and his prostitution ring now lies in tatters.

In a perfect world, this raver pimp would get tossed into jail, never to see the light of day again. However, our justice system coddles villains. Chances are, this man will spend maybe a year or two in prison, an inadequate punishing consider all the destruction that he wrought over the last decade. When he gets back out, chances are he'll go back ruining lives for pleasure and profit, and the courts of this country will shrug their shoulders and say "eh, who cares."

It's the Canadian way.
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