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Friday December 3rd, 2010

A couple late night lady revelers got in the wrong cab last week. The two women were drunk, they were tired, and they just wanted to get home. Unfortunately for the raving duo, the man who had picked them up was a lecherous creep. This tactless and tasteless cabbie made several inappropriate comments to the girls, and they were having none of it. Both of the women eventually started arguing with the driver, and demanded that he pull over and let them out. A brief kerfuffle took place as the women left his vehicle, which is when one of them told the driver they were going to call the cops on him.

The cabbie laughed it off, and taunted her, telling her to go right ahead. This is when the story takes a bitter turn. When the cops showed up, they were brusque, rude, and condescending. Our lady ravers were anglophones, and the police officers as well as the cab driver were Francophone. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, but the officers at the scene were apparently racist as hell.

The cab driver was the one responsible for this entire imbroglio; he had made inappropriate sexual advances to his customers, and then when they asked him to pull over and let them out, he attacked them. This didn't matter to the police officers one lick. Because the women couldn't speak french, they decided the entire problem was obviously their fault. When they told the cab driver that he was free to leave and that he had done nothing wrong, the women started arguing with the officers, which is when they threatened to arrest them.

The women shut their mouth, and decided to back off. The two were understandably upset with their police encounter. They felt disempowered by the exchange, and have lost considerable faith in the justice system as a result of what they experienced.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where the police are rarely held accountable for their actions. Police abuse is endemic in Canada, and our political class has no interest in addressing the issue.
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